Archived (2023)


Saturday, February 11th, 2023
Online via Zoom



The following seminar schedule is tentative and will be updated as details continue to be confirmed. The order of speakers within panels is subject to change.

Start TimeEnd TimeThemeTitleSpeakersACA@UBC Moderators
9:009:10Welcome RemarksJennifer Douglas
9:109:25Session 1: Student VoicesThe Work of Curating the ArchivesKawmadie KarunanayakeEleanor (live) and Kailey (chat)
9:259:40Session 1: Student VoicesGardens and Kitchens as Decolonial Archival SpacesJoel Saldaña PerezEleanor (live) and Kailey (chat)
9:409:55Session 1: Student VoicesSIMSArchive: Digitizing Half a Century of Student Association RecordsMaddie HareEleanor (live) and Kailey (chat)
9:5510:10Session 1: Student VoicesBeyond Researching African American Genealogy using ArchivesShawnne McMillion-JacksonEleanor (live) and Kailey (chat)
10:3011:00Session 2: Archives and Activism"Do it in the dark!"Harrison AppleEmma (live) and Elizabeth (chat)
11:0011:30Session 2: Archives and ActivismCommunity-based Video Archiving for Human RightsYvonne NgEmma (live) and Elizabeth (chat)
1:002:00Session 3: Records and MemoryPlanting Trees, Growing Records: Reimagining Memory Praxis for Sustainable SocietiesStanley H. GriffinDharani Persaud (live) and Grace (chat)
1:302:00Session 3: Records and MemoryFor Whom: The Role of Collective Memory in Struggles for LiberationLara MaestroDharani Persaud (live) and Grace (chat)
2:152:45Session 4: Truth, Reconciliation, and ArchivesMore Than Just Records: Moving toward Decolonial Archival Futures in Reclaiming Archival Power and SpacesSkylee-Storm Hogan-StaceyKailey (live) and Linnet (chat)
2:453:15Session 4: Truth, Reconciliation, and ArchivesGetting to the Truth: Challenging Archival Practices for the Purpose of Furthering Indigenous VoicesKristin KozarKailey (live) and Linnet (chat)
3:153:20Wrap-upEmma Moros and Cameron Welsh
3:203:30Closing RemarksEmma Moros and Cameron Welsh

Symposium Descriptions


In this first symposium session, library, archival, and information studies students will present on their past, present, and planned archival projects and research. These include subjects regarding archival processes, new archival spaces, and challenges to existing archival paradigms. Presentations in this session will take the form of brief and engaging lightning talks followed by question-and-answer periods dedicated to each student presenter.


In this session, Harrison Apple and Yvonne Ng will share with us about their experiences working with archives related to and/or in activist contexts, as well as their experiences of working as activists within the archival field.


This session explores the multiplicity of ways that archival records are defined, conceptualized, and used to remember. This session features two presenters, Stanley H. Griffin and Lara Maestro, who will speak about their approach to memory work and their engagements with archival records that challenge dominant paradigms of knowledge.


This session creates space for discussing the roles of archives and archivists in truth and reconciliation efforts. Kristin Kozar and Skylee-Storm Hogan-Stacey will share their perspectives on the responsibilities of archivists and memory workers to support communities accessing their records, and how to work in the pursuit of truth, reconciliation, and anti-colonialism within existing information systems.

Presentation Abstracts

Presentation abstracts for all non-student presenters will be made available in advance of the symposium. They can also be found on the Abstracts page of this website and in the Seminar and Symposium Program.