The Association of Canadian Archivists Student Chapter at the University of British Columbia (ACA@UBC) is delighted to present its eleventh annual international Seminar and Symposium, From Accountability to Memory, which will be held at UBC from February 13th to 14th, 2020.

The event will feature a Seminar-day and a Symposium-day. The seminar consists of interactive panels with a range of international speakers, while the symposium features presentations in which speakers express their personal opinions and share their experiences. Students, academics, and professionals are invited to attend both events and to actively participate.

Seminar (February 13, Thursday): AMS Student Nest, Great Hall North (second floor)
Symposium (February 14, Friday): Frederic Wood Theatre (6354 Crescent Rd, Vancouver)

ISO 15489 defines appraisal as “the process of evaluating business activities to determine which records need to be created and captured and how long the records need to be kept.” The openness of this definition has allowed the evolution of archival and records management practices to adapt to the current political and social climate. Currently, governments are issuing legislation that imposes upon public officers the duty to document all of their activities and decisions. In this context, records and archives managers have become an essential part of the documentation of internal procedures, including appraisal decisions, destruction, and preservation, at all levels. Likewise, individuals are gaining power over the existence of records about them and by them by exercising the right to destroy under the right to be forgotten, while people claim the need to preserve their memory as well as to choose the place of preservation. The personal and legal liability of records and archives professionals have become deep-seated concerns in recent years.

Thus, the 2020 Seminar and Symposium will focus on the role of appraisal in society today, as well as on our professional roles in relation to it.