Thursday, February 13th, 2020
AMS Student Nest, Great Hall North (second floor)

Seminar Schedule

9:00-9:10Julia Alforde and Clara Gimenez-Delgado Opening Remarks
9:10-10:40Panel 1 - Accountability Through the Duty to Document Government Activities
Darrell Evans, Susan Laidlaw, Adrian Cunningham, Andrew Ross, Dieter Schlenker
Moderator: Natalie Trapuzzano
10:55-12:25 Panel 2 - The Need to Preserve and Right to Destroy Public Records
Matteo Manfredi, Gabriele Bezzi, Andrea Riley, Paul Young
Moderator: Luz Villarreal
13:25-14:55 Panel 3 - Selection and Acquisition of Sensitive Records
Dieter Schlenker, Tricia Logan, Andrew Ross, Jennifer Douglas
Moderator: Karen Ng
15:10-16:40 Panel 4 - Advancing Memory into the Digital Future
Adrian Cunningham, Andrea Riley, Gabriele Bezzi, Matteo Manfredi, Paul Young
Moderator: Susan Hart
16:40-16:45 Julia Alforde and Clara Gimenez-Delgado Wrap-up remarks

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