Friday, February 10, 2023
Online via Zoom



The following seminar schedule is tentative and will be updated as details continue to be confirmed. The order of speakers within panels is subject to change.

Start TimeEnd TimeThemeTitleSpeakersACA@UBC Moderators
9:009:10Opening RemarksEmma Moros and Cameron WelshSeiji (chat)
9:1010:25Panel 1: Digital ArchivesQuinn Dombrowski, Anna Kijas, K. J. Rawson, Andreas Segerberg, and Naya Sucha-xayaCameron (live) and Seiji (chat)
10:4512:00Panel 2: Ethics of DigitizationT. L. Cowan, Iiris Kestilä, Shyla Seller, and Eng SengsavangKailey (live) and Linnet (chat)
1:002:15Panel 3: Archival EntrepreneurshipClea Jonquil Hargreaves, Dominique Luster, and Kelly StewartSeiji (live) and Emma (chat)
2:303:45Panel 4: Archiving as it HappensZakiya Collier, Ferrin Evans, Kyna Herzinger, and Rebecca Pattillo Elizabeth (live) and Kailey (chat)
3:453:55Wrap-up RemarksEmma Moros and Cameron Welsh


Panel Descriptions

Panel 1: Digital Archives

How do digital archives push up against dominant archival concepts and practices? What considerations should archivists make when working with digitized and born-digital records? This panel brings together experts for an enriching discussion on the challenges and opportunities among digital archives. Conversation topics include but are not limited to the effects of the digital on archival functions, as well as the changing landscapes of archival access and preservation in the digital era.

Panel 2: Ethics of Digitization

Digitization, or the process of creating digital surrogates for physical and/or analogue records, has increasingly become a standard practice among archival institutions. This practice benefits archival access and preservation, while also raising important ethical questions for archivists and archival work. Such questions highlight topics such as consent (of creators, subjects, communities, and others), as well as the enduring and/or changing roles for care and custodianship in the archival profession. In this panel, four professionals working in a variety of settings will discuss the ethics of archival digitization, drawing from their unique expertise and experiences.

Panel 3: Archival Entrepreneurship

This panel discussion features three archivists who forged unique career paths that enabled them to do archival work outside of traditional settings and institutions. Discussions will draw from the panelists’ personal experiences and may surface topics such as the benefits and challenges of archival entrepreneurship and the application of dominant archival concepts to their chosen area of practice. This panel responds to conditions of precarity in the archival professions and highlights some of the creative ways that students can think about branching out with their archival degrees.

Panel 4: Archiving as it Happens

Archiving as it Happens brings together five experts for a discussion on the archival and record-keeping processes deployed for documenting the here and now. Panelists may discuss topics such as web archiving, archiving current events (e.g., pandemic experiences) and injustices, and considerations needed for conducting memory work in the present.