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In accordance with the Association of Canadian Archivists Guidelines for Student Chapters, the mission of the ACA@UBC is to:

a. Serve as a means of introducing new archivists into the profession;
b. Enhance the educational function by providing an additional focus for the students to discuss archival issues, identify with the profession, and engage in professional activities;
c. Promote communication among student members and between students;
d. Provide a communication channel for its members with the general membership of the Association and to the Board on matters of concern to the Chapter;
e. Develop the leaders of tomorrow’s archival profession; and
f. Attract new members into the Association.

2021–2022 Executive

Coordinator: Kisun Kim

Kisun (she/her) is a second-year DUAL student from London, Ontario. She holds an MA in history from the University of Western Ontario. Her academic interests include the effects of technology in records management and archives and ethical practices (such as privacy) in record keeping. Her general interests include art and culture, Canadian and Korean history and culture, and musicals.

Secretary: Jessica Dobson

Jessica (she/her) is a second year MAS student from Ottawa, Ontario. She holds a Bachelors in Humanities from Carleton University. Her academic interests include issues of privacy and security in recordkeeping, and management of community museum archives. Her general interests include pottery, photography, and baking.

Treasurer: Mya Ballin

Mya (she/her) is a third-year DUAL student from Mountain View, CA (Ramaytush and Tamyen Ohlone). She holds a degree in Liberal Studies from Oregon State University. Her interests include care and affect in archival praxis and personal experiences of bureaucratic recordkeeping.

Events Coordinator: Jordan Kerr and Tiana Kirstein

Jordan Kerr (she/her) is a first-year MAS and MLIS student from Victoria, British Columbia. She holds a BA (honors) in history and sociology from the University of Victoria. Her academic interests include oral histories, Canadian family research, and archives accessibility. More generally, Jordan’s interests include knitting, cooking, and listening to true crime podcasts.

Tiana Kirstein (she/her) is a first-year MAS and MLIS student from a small town in Saskatchewan. She holds a BA Honours in Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies and Ukrainian Studies from the University of Saskatchewan. Her academic interests include medieval manuscripts and special collections, digitization, accessibility in archives, and public library programming. Her non-academic interests include figure skating, baking, pysanky writing, and all things crafty.

Communications: Emma Moros

Emma (they/them) is a first-year MASLIS student. They hold a BA in English literature with a minor in Arabic language. Before beginning their studies at UBC, Emma worked for several years in communications and media content analysis, and these interests shape their focus at the iSchool on how individuals access, use, and trust information. Emma’s non-academic interests include reading fiction, writing poetry, running, and cooking up a storm.

Webmaster: Kailey Fukushima

Kailey Fukushima (she/her) is a second-year student in the MAS and MLIS programs at the UBC School of Information. She did her previous master’s in English Literature at the University of Victoria.

ARMA Rep: Cameron Welsh

Cameron (they/them) is a first-year MAS student from here in Vancouver. They have an MA in Russian Studies from Carleton University and a BA in History from Queen’s University. Their interests include personal and 2SLGBTQ archives, access to information and privacy, and communication in Records Management.

AABC Rep: Kira Razzo

Kira (she/they) is a first year MASLIS student from Kelowna, British Columbia. She holds a degree in English from the University of Victoria. Her academic interests include film preservation and restoration, as well as 2SLGBTQ+ archives. Her general interests include reading, painting, and movie watching.

LASSA Rep: Andria Huculak

I (she/her) am originally from Edmonton, although I have also lived in Winnipeg. I have a BA from the University of Alberta (double major in history and anthropology) and a Juris Doctor from the University of Manitoba. Before starting at UBC last September, I worked as a lawyer in private practice in Edmonton for three years. I began as an MLIS student but have since transferred to the Dual program. I enjoy reading, watching movies & TV, baking, cooking and any outdoor activities.

First-year MLIS Rep: Linnet Chappelka

Linnet (she/ her) is a first-year Dual student from the United States (Spuyaləpabš land). She received Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Victoria in Germanic Studies and in Art History and Visual Studies. Her interests include human rights archives and the improvement of ethics and accessibility in the information field.

First-year MAS Rep: Peyton Moriarty

Peyton Moriarty (she/her) is a first-year MASLIS student, with a BA in History and an aspiration to become a museum archivist. Her interests include public history, personal archives, and exhibiting archives. She enjoys fantasy and science fiction, fencing, and traveling, and keeps a record of most of that on her ‘fandom jacket’ that she made for finding new friends at conventions.

Past Co-coordinator: Felicity Collins 

Faculty Advisor: Luciana Duranti

The homepage banner is designed by Emma Moros.

Past executive lists are available on the “Past Executives” page of our student chapter website.